Easy Cargo way

Aricasy (Arijela Cargo System) is an online platform enabling easier and faster access to available cargo and publication of information about it to everyone logged into the portal.

Several transporters will be able to bid for the same transport by placing a price for transport. Bidding will be time-limited and the limit will be set by the sender of goods. The sender can then pick a transporter who does not necessarily have to be the cheapest one.

There will also be an option to set a fixed price for transport which can be bid for by several transporters. The sender can then pick the transporter who will carry out the transport.


  • Everything will be carried out on the online platform.
  • When the selection of transporter is confirmed, Aricasy will provide a print-out of the transport order with all the information needed for loading and delivery of goods.
  • Affordable access to the portal.
  • No time loss for negotiations via phone calls or e-mails.
  • Access to the platform available for Windows, Android and iOS systems.

When registering for the portal, all transport providers and transporters will be verified by the employees in the company managing the portal. Occasional verifications of users will also be carried out during access.

All the documentation required will also have to be communicated before obtaining access to the portal.

Application development!